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Michigan Law Update: Senate Bill 626 – Marijuana Not a Crime?


An interesting Bill has been proposed in the State Senate – it would decriminalize possession of  1 oz or less of Marijuana,

See the Bill Text here: http://www.legislature.mi.gov/documents/2013-2014/billintroduced/Senate/pdf/2013-SIB-0626.pdf. It was referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee on October 16th.


According to the Bill, an individual found in possession of less than an ounce of Marijuana will only be subject to a Civil Infraction – which amounts to a $25 ticket.


The practical effect:

                        It’s probably going to cost you more if your parking meter runs out in downtown Grand Rapids than for getting stopped by a police officer with an ounce of marijuana on you. 

Although I do note, that for repeat infractions, the penalties steepen – to $50 – $100.


This is far removed from the current possession offense which is a misdemeanor conviction.


I am sure there are a number of policy rationales for presenting this Bill, one comes to mind, possibly a way for law enforcement to avoid enforcement problems with the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act.
Regardless, the Bill will undoubtedly make for interesting discussions.



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