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Businesses: Pitfalls of Lawsuits – My Guest Blog Post With GRAPE (Epilogue)

Yesterday I posted a guest blog article with Grand Rapids Area Professionals for Excellence (GRAPE) – about pitfalls that businesses should be wary of if they are ever faced with a lawsuit.

You can check out that article here: http://grapegr.com/grand-rapids-business-blog/businesses-pitfalls-dealing-lawsuits/


A brief commentary on why I decided on this particular subject.


I decided to post on this subject after having  attended more than a few court hearings as of late representing business clients who found themselves faced with a lawsuit that they initially tried to handle themselves.


My clients made the mistake of  seeking my counsel when it was simply too late.


They tried to handle the matter personally when they should have engaged legal counsel to advise them of their options at the onset.


It is one aspect that I love about business owners – business owners are typically entrepreneurs. They are used to wearing lots of hats and solving problems. (and trying to be as cost-effective with their cash flow as possible).


Don’t hear me wrong – These are good attributes! 

Business owners:

Be entrepreneurs!

Be risk takers!

Be courageous!


But also know when to rely on professional advisors.

(Lawyers, CPAs, Financial Advisors, Real Estate Brokers, etc…)


knowing when to take an issue to your advisor to solve can make all the difference.




 Questions? comments?


Email: Jeshua@dwlawpc.com



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