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Estate planning lawyer gets 6 years in $46 million scheme preying on terminally ill???

So I received a nice check in the mail a few weeks back addressed to my law firm for approximately $1 Million.


It was related to a “request” from a foreign company (very far away, too far away to meet in person) to retain me as counsel in a business transaction in Michigan.


They wanted me to deposit the approx. $1 million check into our firm trust account, then disburse the check to the other party (less my legal fees, of course)

My first thought when the check came in…

Fake Check for big bucks.

Fake Check for big bucks.

do they really think I am that stupid?


I know better.


Then it got me thinking, if I know better, then why do these scam artists really think I am going to fall for their  ploys?


Honestly, I receive countless of similar emails, fortunately, most of these emails get sent to my spam folder.


The answer becomes obvious when I peruse the headlines of the American Bar Associations Latest Stories:


“Estate planning lawyer gets 6 years in $46 million scheme preying on terminally ill”

How awful is this headline? It breaks my heart just reading it.



“Unwitting lawyer is suspended for arranging client loans to secure Nigerian inheritance”

Well, there is, literally, my answer to my own question.



What is going on with our world?

As hard as it is for me to believe, these are real stories.


To answer my own question, the reason scam artists direct schemes at lawyers is because some lawyers fall for the schemes!

These con artists are relying on dollar signs trumping common sense and sound judgment in lawyers.


Don’t hear me wrong…

The vast majority of the lawyers I work with and know are men and women of integrity. They, like me, strive to make good choices every day and seek the best interest  of their clients and their community.



It only takes a few individuals to headline the ABA Journal to tarnish our profession.


I take these headlines, and the fact that I continually get spammed, as a further encouragement to continue to run this race and live my life (personally and professionally) with integrity.


Questions? Comments? 

email: Jeshua@dwlawpc.com




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