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New Legal Challenge for Legal Zoom?



Just a click of the mouse, answer a few questions and BAM! You are your own lawyer.


The ABAJournal reported today about a new hurdle for LegalZoom – you can see that article here.



As reported in the article, “LegalZoom offers online, self-help legal documents in all 50 states and has faced a number of legal challenges along the way. Besides North Carolina, the company still faces challenges in Arkansas and Alabama [related to allegations of unauthorized practice of law].”


In a prior article, I wrote about a recent win for LegalZoom in South Carolina. As the ABAJournal reports it, it looks like LegalZoom isn’t having as much luck right across the border in North Carolina.




What’s the Big Deal With Legal Zoom?


The argument is apparently being made by LegalZoom, that the services offered are similar to Turbo Tax – there is a logic tree that brings you to different questions based upon your answers.


Don’t hear me wrong – some of these documents might work for some consumers.  However, one of the glaring problems is this – you don’t know what you don’t know.


For example, when I meet with clients starting up a business partnership of some sort, invariably, they will come to the meeting prepared with questions – they did their homework. This is a good thing. It shows they have thoroughly thought through their business plan.


However, invariably, questions will come up that they did not anticipate.


Sometimes clients feel bad that they didn’t anticipate these questions. My response – don’t feel bad, you don’t know what you don’t know.


As lawyers, we see when things go as planned for our clients.  We also see the worst case scenarios. We rely on these insights into the law and facts in order to steer around potential pitfalls in our business planning and document drafting with our clients.


How about you? Have you experienced successes or failures using prepared universal legal forms?


email: Jeshua@dwlawpc.com





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