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Lesson from the Department of Justice: It Doesn’t Pay to File a Lien Against a Federal Judge

I love the Department of Justice Press Releases.


They always seem to be the best source for serious (and interesting) offenses committed against the Federal Government. If you ever want proof that it is not a good idea to mess with the Feds, just go to the DOJ’s website. Or you can take a look at their latest press release.


On Friday, a federal jury in Omaha, Nebraska, found Donna Marie Kozak guilty on Friday of conspiracy to file and filing false liens against two U.S. District Court judges, the U.S. Attorney for the District of Nebraska, two Assistant U.S. Attorneys and an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) special agent.


Ms. Kozak was apparently affiliated with the Republic for the United States of America


I know, do a double take. This is not the good ole’ U.S.A, but, an anti-government organization. As the Republic identifies itself:


the Republic for the United States is operating as a parallel government peacefully co-existing with the corporate UNITED STATES and has, in effect, already “broken away” from the current U.S. corporation. Lawfully, the Republic should be able to exercise oversight of the corporation.


– I wonder how many countries are recognizing the Republic’s sovereign status?




According to the DOJ, some of the illegal activity Ms. Kozak engaged in included:

  • placing her property in sham trusts,
  • establishing a sham charitable foundation,
  • sending harassing correspondence to IRS employees
  • filing bogus tax returns, trust returns, private-foundation returns and other false documents with the IRS.
  • In 2008, she filed a tax return based on fictitious income and tax withholdings on Form 1099-OID statements that claimed a refund of $660,000.


“Kozak was remanded into custody pending sentencing.  The maximum prison term for each false lien charge is 10 years.”


I only highlight this story partly because it is interesting (and just silly to file a lien against a judge), but also partly to highlight that defrauding the government is a big deal.









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