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Non-Profit provides Legal Advocacy to Homeless Victims of Crimes

I just read this article about a non-profit legal advocacy group helping Homeless Victims of Crimes http://whnt.com/2014/09/10/local-organization-encouraging-homeless-crime-victims-to-seek-help-from-proper-authorities-in-wake-of-mark-pridmores-death/

I always find it exciting to hear about groups or individuals who are truly trying to identify an unmet need in society and then run full speed ahead to meet that need, particularly for the oppressed and vulnerable in society.

In Grand Rapids I think of Goodwill of Greater GR http://www.goodwillgr.org/ providing job placements to people in GR with employment barriers – I was doing a mock interview with an individual who was in Goodwill’s job placement program – at the time I conducted his mock interview he had just got out of serving 15 years in prison – talk about a guy with employment barriers!

I also think of Wedgewood Christian Service’s Manasseh Project http://www.manassehproject.org/ caring for victims of sex trafficking here in West Michigan. and HQ (twitter feed – https://twitter.com/hqgrorg) providing for runaway and homeless youth who fall through the crack.

I can’t help but mention Mel Trotter Ministries, providing for the hurting, homeless and drug addicted in Greater Grand Rapids. http://www.meltrotter.org

The above article resonates with me as a lawyer – to care and advocate for the most vulnerable in our society. Like the article says, homeless and runaways are more likely to be victims of crimes, and also more likely not to report those crimes.

In Grand Rapids, like everywhere, there is always more work to be done for the vulnerable people in our community.


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