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Michigan AG is cracking down on Fraudulent Businesses, Unlicensed Real Estate Professionals

Ag Cracks Down on Bad Michigan Businesses. I just received this press release today from the Michigan Attorney Generals Office announcing the Investigation of 10 Michigan Businesses related to faulty Anti-Freeze Distribution. You can check out the Ex-Parte Petition filed in Court here  The Court granted the AG’s request for subpoenas in an order signed today. One thing is for sure: the AG’s office is taking serious efforts to shut down businesses engaged in unfair practices. This includes a concerted effort to investigate complaints related to “unlicensed professionals”  – contractors, real estate brokers, agents, and property managers. A few days ago I had a client who found out (much to his shock) his business was being investigated for not being properly licensed. Good thing it turned out my client was properly licensed.  Case closed. It was a good ending, but I’m sure it made my client nervous for a few minutes. However, the take away is that someone initiated a complaint – and the AG’s office followed up on it. Take Away… I’ve said this before, but if you are a Michigan business engaged in a licensed profession, now is a good time to make sure you are compliant with Michigan law. All it takes is an anonymous complaint to the AG’s office to initiate a process like my client went through.  If that happens to your business, hopefully you have everything squared away. You don’t want to be on the receiving end of a (very public) subpoena of the sort granted today by the Wayne County Circuit Court. Questions? Comments? email: Jeshua@dwlawpc.com http://www.dwlawpc.com

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