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Michigan Business Update for Social Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

Happy Monday, all!

A quick update – I recently posted on social entrepreneurship and crowdfunding in Michigan. Check that post here. By way of update, Today, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) posted a press release  about a crowdfunding campaign launched by a Ypsilanti non-profit –  “Cultivate Coffee and Tap House.”  As I’ve mentioned in a prior post, the MEDC has a matching grant program “Public Spaces Community Places Initiative”  to match local crowdfunding projects.

According to the press release:

“Cultivate Coffee & Tap House is a non-profit in Depot Town, Ypsilanti that provides sustainable solutions for hunger relief through local and global gardening programs. Cultivate is in the process of renovating a half acre of land into an outdoor gathering space and community garden with a 2,100 square-foot coffee and tap house.”

This is a great example of social entrepreneurship utilizing crowdfunding to “do good” in a local community. Although it hasn’t been widely implemented yet, I believe Michigan’s MILE Act will be useful for social entrepreneurs to begin equity crowdfunding. Only time will tell.

In other news…

I’ve previously posted on new Michigan laws aimed at removing employment barriers. See prior post here

The Michigan Small Business Association has put together a nice article summarizing the three new Michigan Bills intending to reducing employment barriers for felons. Business owners may want to get familiar with these laws.

questions? Comments?

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