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Robin Williams’ Estate: Lessons to be learned from Estate Litigation.

I previously wrote an article on the dispute between Robin Williams’ widow and his children, you can check out that post here

Today, the ABAJournal posted an update on this lawsuit – you can check that out here

This story is an example of the problems that can erupt after a loved one passes away – even if that loved one had a well thought out estate plan.

Here, a large part of the dispute centers around ownership of Robin Williams’ personal belongings.

Latest Development…

Per the ABAJournal’s article, It appears that the family members are making headway through mediation.

It is great news because, as I’ve indicated in prior posts

Mediation works.

Not every case that is mediated ends in a successful resolution. But more often than not, the cases that I have been involved in where both parties submit to mediation have been successfully resolved.

Mediation makes sense.

In estate litigation, such as the Robin Williams’ estate, mediation makes sense.

When I am representing a business in a business dispute, it can be much easier to avoid a lengthy drawn out court battle, given that business owners are much more inclined to make a good business decision and settle the case.

Not so with estate lawsuits. the issues are much more emotionally charged.

Locally, there are mediators who understand this dynamic – such as Anne Bachle Fifer

I wonder how much cost and emotional turmoil could have been avoided if the parties agreed to mediate the case prior to filing suit….

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