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Crowdfunding News Update

Happy Friday!

For those of you who’ve read my posts in the past, you know I promote crowdfunding as a untapped resource for social entrepreneurs. Below are a few headlines about what’s going on in the world of crowdfunding.


Localized crowdfunding platforms grow through grant matching program

Michigan’s MEDC matching grant program has been a great way for local communities to utilize crowdfunding to fund community development.

Across the U.S.

NextSeed Becomes First Texas Crowdfunding Platform to Leverage Intrastate Rules |

Like Michigan, Texas enacted its own intrastate crowdfunding exemption, it was recently utilized by NextSeed to raise $25,000 in equity for a small business – Texas’ first.

One of NextSeed’s co-founders, Youngro Lee is a private equity lawyer who provided some good in-sight into what he sees as the untapped upside in reaching unaccredited investors through local crowdfunding exemptions.

Across the Ocean…

Crowdfunder UK Launches Community Shares to “Revolutionize” Community Funding 

“Crowdfunder UK just launched a new concept in crowdfunding on their platform: Community Shares. A type of hybrid mix between charity and ownership, investors in these organizations own part of an entity they believe in supporting.”

a type of hybrid mix between charity and ownership” sounds a  lot like L3Cs – which are viable business entities for social entrepreneurs.

It’s great to see innovative ways that social entrepreneurship is being promoted in other parts of the world.

Questions? Comments?

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