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Michigan Startups: Funding through Crowdfunding

I read an article this morning on MIBiz

Filling the Funding Gap: More capital required to meet $1.3 billion need from existing Michigan companies

Recognizing this gap in funding, John Kerschen, managing partner of  Charter Capital Partners said this:

“Institutional investors have been reluctant to put money into the small, first-time funds in Michigan that have formed over the last decade and first want to see a track record of success”

This is a point well-taken. Small business start-ups have traditionally suffered from a lack of conventional funding options.

As the MiBiz article recognizes – there is a funding gap in Michigan – particularly related to early-stage businesses.

While we are consistently seeing crowdfunding being utilized in Michigan for community revitalization, particularly through the MEDC’s matching grant program,  we are still at the beginning stages of seeing the utilization of equity crowdfunding through Michigan’s MILE Act.

Questions? Comments?

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