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Michigan Law Update: Patent Trolls, Aggressive Solicitation, and a Real Estate dispute

Happy Friday!

A few brief legal updates on proposed Bills and a Court decision.

Patent Trolls!

Back in July I wrote a post about legislation that was introduced in the House : A Tool for Business in Fighting Against Patent Trolls

That House Bill has sat for about 8 months. The House Judiciary Committee is meeting Tuesday and this is an agenda item.  Let’s see if there’s any movement on this bill after the committee meetings.

Aggressively Soliciting For Money at the ATM…a punishable (ticket)?

The Aggressive Solicitation Prohibition Act  was introduced back on December 1st.  It prohibits anyone for “soliciting” for my money under numerous circumstances.

Good idea. The penalty is a little confusing – a $100 ticket? Civil infraction? I’m not sure what this is expected to deter, but I don’t write the laws…

Court of Appeals Decision – Romance and Real Estate

I just read a brief unpublished court of appeals decision, you can check out the case of Male v Russell.

Sometimes “rash” decisions (like signing of over real estate to a boyfriend) are made as a result of a romantic relationship….

I find this case interesting for several reasons:

1. It shows that a Judge will use its equitable powers to craft an “equitable” remedy in order to due justice.

2. It shows the equitable doctrine of laches won’t protect you if a judge determines that you don’t actually have “equity” on your side.

Questions? Comments?

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