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Lawsuit Puts ‘Homeless Alcoholics’ in the Spotlight.

I read an article this morning from the ABAJoural entitled: Civil rights suit says Virginia ‘drunkard’ law criminalizes those who are homeless alcoholics.

According to the article, a federal civil rights suit filed Thursday in Roanoke, Virginia says two cities are unconstitutionally jailing homeless alcoholics.

fact sheet provided by the attorneys representing the individuals stated:

“As a result, our clients are repeatedly arrested and jailed. While incarcerated, our clients are not guaranteed treatment for their alcoholism.”

There’s got to be a better way to treat homeless suffering from addictions than to just jail them.

It can be easy to dehumanize the individual who is homeless, alcoholic, and standing on the sidewalk with a sign.

But for the grace of God, there go I.”

Every such individual has inherent value.

Every such individual needs help.

My hope is that regardless of the outcome of this case, it will encourage more collaboration between municipalities and local agencies, including Rescue Missions in efforts to, as stated in the Vision Statement of Mel Trotter Ministries:

“to end homelessness, one life at a time”.


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