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Lessons of Grace Found at Mel Trotter Ministries.

mel-trotter-ministries-1122_20111229171415_320_240If you’re reading this post you may be aware that one of the “hats I wear” is Board Chair at Mel Trotter Ministries (“MTM”).

Yesterday I was at MTM for a “Meet the Mission Luncheon” – our board and staff extend regular invitations to business/community leaders, churches, and anyone interested in learning about what we do MTM on a daily basis.

A standing invitation from me – join me for lunch.

Thank you for those who have joined me over the years for these luncheons.

The greatest part of these luncheons isn’t hearing about the programs, or the way MTM is collaborating and partnering with other agencies and non-profits, or taking the tours (although if you haven’t toured MTM, you really should, especially our family shelter on the 3rd and 4th floor).

The greatest part about the luncheons is hearing the life stories from our guests. Our guest share their stories of struggle with homelessness, addiction, and hunger…and of life transformation.

Yesterday, a former guest of MTM shared her story. Her story included her battle with addiction. She openly shared about her experience at MTM. In particular, she had this to say:

I have been working on understanding grace and that I can turn to Him [God] in the midst of my flaws and brokenness. I never used to feel like that and it always kept me at an arm’s length from Him, because I’m never perfect.  I still struggle with that, but I’m getting closer to really understanding the reality of grace.

That is truth.

We all have flaws. We all are broken.

We all need grace.

I am thankful that people struggling with addiction, homelessness, hunger are finding God’s grace at Mel Trotter Ministries.


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