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Prince Died Without a Will. Business Owners: who are your advisors?

CNN just posted an update on the Prince Estate dispute: possible heirs narrowed down to six @CNN https://t.co/imje7PyaqR

A while back I posted about some lessons from Robin Williams’ Estate.

I wrote about Robin Williams’ Estate as “an example of the problems that can erupt after a loved one passes away – even if that loved one had a well thought out estate plan.”

In the case with Prince, it appears that he had absolutely no estate plan at all.

This is surprising given, as the ABAJournal put it Prince apparently “had a ‘revolving circle’ of lawyers and business advisers, according to the New York Times. He also handled many of his business affairs himself.”

I wonder where were the attorneys, accountants, financial advisers telling prince:put your affairs in order!

Maybe this happened. Maybe he had one or more lawyers over the years tell him, “by the way, Prince, you really need to prepare an estate plan so that your finances are in order when you die.”

Maybe estate planning was simply not important to him. According to the article Prince did not have a surviving spouse or parents… one can only speculate.

Prince is apparently survived by 5 siblings. It will be interesting to see if they can all agree on the estate administration or if there are any other apparent heirs that claim a part of the quarter of a billion dollar empire Prince left behind.

Two comments:

1. To business advisers: If we aren’t being proactive with our clients to push them to get their affairs in order, we are doing a disservice. This is especially true when we serve business owners or individuals whose finances might have a lot of moving parts.

2. To Business Owners: Who are your advisers? Maybe you are like Prince – you like to handle many of your business affairs yourself. That only works so well. You can’t be an expert in every area. Surround yourself with good counsel. You need advisers who can steer you in the right direction.

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