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What’s going on in Grand Rapids Real Estate and Beyond.

Happy Friday!

Some headlines to share – enjoy!

I. What’s going on in Grand Rapids Real Estate News:

In the wake of Propaganda Donuts Leaving Division public attention has been drawn to the tension between local businesses and the homeless population on Division Ave.2016-07-22 13.10.20

I explored this topic in my blog post: Can business, local government, and non-profits find ways to work together for the common good?

Check out the latest news on this subject from WoodTV8. Local government looks to be taking measures:

Goals for S. Division: Homeless, Business Coexisting

According to the Wood TV8 Article:

“That will be one area of focus for GRPD Capt. Scott Rifenberg as he takes over control of the department’s new Central Service Area, which was created in response to the downtown growing pains.”

Per Capt. Rifenberg: “That’s really going to be my goal, to make that area somewhere that people want to come to, that people feel comfortable in no matter what socioeconomic class they come from.”

Mel Trotter Ministries hosts a Unity Picnic: Bringing Unity around Division

Check out the Blog Post from Mel Trotter Ministries (“MTM”). MTM in connection with the Heartside Neighborhood Collaboration Project hosted a Unity Picnic in Heartside Park.

The rationale from Dennis Van Kampen, CEO of MTM:


if we offered a free meal and played some music and invited the police, the business owners, the homeless, the folks who live in the new housing units, the agencies in the area, then conversations could lead to tolerance and tolerance could lead to understanding and acceptance. Just maybe through this meal, we could rise above our differences to see our similarities… and great things could begin.

Thank you, Dennis. Great example of embracing the tension in the community in order to bring unity.

II. Beyond:

The U.S. Needs More Affordable Housing “How Cities Are Preserving Affordable Housing”



III. Parting Note for Landlords

Landlords Beware:

Maintaining a Tenant “Blacklist”? Potential Pitfalls in Tenant Screening.


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