A Lawyer’s Year-End Reflections.

img_1338-002It is the end of 2016. I am having “big picture” thoughts as the year ends.

I have a pretty nice “big picture” view out of my office window.

Out of my office window from the 12th floor of 99 Monroe overlooks many ice skaters at Rosa Parks’ Circle in downtown Grand Rapids.

It is certainly a fun time of the year: my kids love Christmas break – being home from school, getting presents, visiting with family.

But right now I can’t help but feel a sense of heaviness in my heart.

My grandmother passed away last week. Traveling home to Saginaw to see her in her last days and attend the funeral was challenging.

The reality is that this time of year is hard for many people, for many reasons.

This week I was reminded specifically of this hard reality when I attended a court hearing for a real estate investor client. FYI, to any real estate owner or manager, a recent unpublished court of appeals case that you might want to check out: Anderson v Chaundy. This case provides a good example of what not to do when evicting a tenant.

If you want to feel depressed, just show up at any local courthouse for the landlord/tenant docket.

Invariably, you will see among those present, individuals whose spirits are down – for all sorts of reasons.

I was in the courtroom this particular day and couldn’t help but notice the hopelessness in the eyes of a particular individual being evicted for non-payment of rent. I also noticed the distinct smell of alcohol on this person, at 9 in the morning.

This person did not dispute that they owed rent. The result? This person would be ordered out of their apartment in ten days.

I’m not ashamed to say that as the current Chairman of the Board of Mel Trotter Ministries, I care very deeply about the homeless, hurting, and hungry.

Walking out of the courtroom, my “Mel Trotter” hat keeps my mind going…

What is going to become of this person?

Maybe they end up sleeping in their car, maybe under a bridge.

Hopefully this person ends up receiving help – to meet them where they are at. Places like Mel Trotter Ministries, that will take in families and individuals to care for them – provide them time to get into affordable housing.

An encouraging statistic – since January 2016, MTM has placed 217 families & individuals into permanent homes.

I’m not trying to bring anyone down during a festive time of year – but as this year ends I wanted to bring two “big picture” realities to the forefront:

  1. The Holiday Season aside, there remains great injustice in this world.
  2. There is great hope.

There are families and individuals that are truly hurting this holiday season.

There are people who have lost loved ones; lost homes. People who are victims of injustice.

The good news is that we can all do something to offer hope to the hopeless.

You can volunteer or provide a year end gift to support organizations locally, like Mel Trotter MinistriesKalamazoo Gospel MissionKids Food Basket, Volunteers in ServiceWestwood Christian ServicesHQ Grand Rapids, Goodwill Industries of Greater Grand Rapids, or globally, like International Justice MissionCompassion International, and many more.

I hope you will join me in this Christmas season and send out gifts and prayers to make an impact in the lives of those hurting.

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