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Legal Update on Michigan Bcorps and Purpose Driven Business.

October 9, 2018 Leave a comment

Happy Tuesday, all.

I recently took this photo of the Grand River that flows through downtown Grand Rapids.

Today I read an article in the Grand Rapids Business Journal by Local First President

2018-09-30 13.46.51Elissa Sangalli Hillary on how to build a “Purpose Driven Business“.

Elissa starts off the article by advising entrepreneurs to “start with your values”

“As an entrepreneur, you have an opportunity to start a business that’s founded on your values, morals and principles. Before you dive into your business plan, reflect on your core values and prioritize those you want as the foundation of your business.”


According to Elissa’s article, you can join her and other entrepreneurs at  Start Garden on Oct. 10 for a “Measure What Matters Workshop on The Social Justice Entrepreneur. This workshop is an opportunity to hear from entrepreneurs and their best practices for developing a meaningful business plan and leading a business with purpose.


Benefit Corporations – purpose driven business.

The option of forming a business entity using a “benefit corporation” legal structure is one way to formally memorialize at a fundamental level your company’s values morals and principals.


Why BCorps? describes the benefit of BCorps as:

“Benefit corporations expand the obligations of boards, requiring them to consider environmental and social factors, as well as the financial interests of shareholders. This gives directors and officers the legal protection to pursue a mission and consider the impact their business has on society and the environment. The enacting state’s benefit corporation statutes are placed within existing state corporation codes so that it applies to benefit corporations in every respect except those explicit provisions unique in the benefit corporation form.”


BCorps have gained Popularity since 2006.

Currently 34 States have enacted BCorp Laws.

Michigan is not one of those States.

Almost six months ago the State of Michigan House tantalized social entrepreneurs, once again, with the possibility of Bcorps becoming a viable legal option to do business in the State of Michigan.

House Bills 5867, 5868 & 5869 were introduced on April 24, 2018, that would allow BCorps to be formed under Michigan Law.

As of today, there is still no movement on these bills.


Back almost two years ago the legislature proposed similar legislation which died in committee. For a review of the Former BCorp Bills, the House Fiscal Agency issued a Fiscal Analysis, check it out here. 

The Analysis provides good background on what the legislation would do. This is helpful for those who are not overly familiar with BCorps in general.


I continue to wonder why year after year Michigan fails to catch up with the rest of the country concerning these social enterprise businesses for good.

As of March 2018 there have been 14 West Michigan businesses certified B Corporations – a third party sustainable good certification process, but not having the corporate BCorp Structure. That number is growing.

People want to do business with companies that exist for something besides making a profit. Certainly you don’t need the Bcorp legal structure in order to accomplish that.

However, there seems to be a demand for such a social enterprise entity in Michigan.

What is the legislature waiting for?

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